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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Does your child struggle with talking or have difficulty understanding what he or she is hearing? Working with a Pediatric Therapy Clinic speech-language pathologist can help them build their vocabulary and increase their communication abilities.

Some of the most common speech disorders include not only articulation, the way we say words, but also phonology, or the speech patterns that we use to communicate. Some children, including those with autism, may also have a speech disorder called apraxia, a motor-planning disorder that makes it difficult for them to move from one sound to another.

Our therapists are also available to work with children who have difficulties eating or swallowing. How do they do it? By identifying the reason why swallowing is difficult and working with them to improve that process. After the assessment the process may begin referral for a swallow study or a visit with a dietician to ensure the child is safe to swallow. We will work with your pediatrician or family doctor to help coordinate care.

Our speech language pathologists are well trained in developing alternative communication systems for children who are non-verbal or minimally verbal. We use a variety of materials and strategies to help give a voice to the voiceless.

Once your child has met with his or her speech and language therapist, a plan will be created to best meet their needs. After the plan is in place, the therapist will talk to you about how you can work together as a team. That may mean having you participate in therapy sessions to learn specific techniques for successful home programs.

Most importantly, your role will be to encourage your child to continue practicing the skills they learn in therapy. Practice can be a part of almost any daily activity, from getting ready for the day to reading stories at bedtime, from mealtime to bath time, or driving in the car.

Other Services We Offer

New location coming soon!

Butte, Montana

We are pleased to announce that Pediatric Therapy Clinic will be opening an office in Butte.

This new office will more conveniently accommodate the needs of our clients and their families living in Butte, Whitehall, and surrounding areas. Expanded services will be available in our new office, including, ABA and speech therapy. We’re also pleased to announce that occupational therapy services will be coming soon.

You’ll receive additional information about the new office as we get closer to the opening date. If you have any questions before that time, please feel free to call or email us, or chat with us when you come into our Anaconda clinic.