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Pediatric Physical Therapy

At Pediatric Therapy Clinic, our physical therapists (sometimes called PT’s) help kids to gain strength, improve gross motor skills, as well as increase their range of motion and balance. Especially for young children, physical therapy can often take the form of play to help them remain engaged in the process. The goal is to help your child become more independent and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Physical therapists can also provide tips and strategies to reduce or eliminate torticollis, a condition involving the muscles of the neck that cause the head to tilt down or to one side in infants.

The physical therapist will work with you to develop a plan based on his or her abilities. This plan will also take into consideration any needed equipment, orthotics, or recommendations to a specialist.

Parents and families play an important part in a child’s physical therapy program. Your child’s PT will talk with you about how you can best help them be successful. In addition, they can help ensure you receive the help and support you might need in your efforts.

Examples of how you can participate in your child’s physical therapy include:

  • Adapting daily routines or activities.
  • Learning to use needed equipment effectively.
  • Communicating information about your child’s needs.
  • Attending therapy consistently.
  • Implementing home programs.

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