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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people of all ages live life to its fullest. At Pediatric Therapy Clinic, our goal is to help children with an injury, illness, or disability maintain or improve their independence and participate in everyday activities. Occupational therapy can be particularly helpful for children born with physical or developmental difficulties. It is also appropriate for any child needing help with movement, fine motor or communication skills.

All children develop skills at different times and in different ways. Some kids, however, may need additional help with physical coordination, self-care tasks or learning and concentration.

Our team of pediatric occupational therapists work with parents and children to evaluate a child’s needs and the types of therapies that can be most helpful. That may include providing suggestions for adapting activities, materials or conditions to improve the chance of individual success.

Kids—especially young children—learn through playing and interacting with one another and with their care givers. Our occupational therapists will assess your child’s abilities and developmental needs. They’ll then help your child with tasks such as:

  • sitting or crawling independently
  • following simple two- or three-step instructions
  • dressing themselves
  • coping with disappointment
  • playing well with other kids by learning to share or take turns
  • using toys and materials in traditional ways or in ways adapted to their unique needs
We work with children of all ages, from pre-K through high school, to help them learn to the best of their ability. Working with you and your student, we can focus on improving behaviors, managing routines and increasing their participation in activities. In addition, our occupational therapists can collaborate with your child’s teacher, principal and other education professionals to support learning.

When children sustain an injury that impacts their ability to enjoy everyday activities, it can be frustrating for them and difficult for parents as well. An occupational therapist with Pediatric Therapy Clinic will assess your child’s needs and create a plan to address them.

Occupational therapy can help your child learn to address their challenges in a healthier way. That may mean helping them to recognize their feelings, diffuse anger and manage impulses. This learning process improves their ability to succeed at home, in school and in the community.

Older children will benefit from occupational therapies designed to help them achieve a greater level of independence. That includes learning to advocate for themselves, make decisions and transition into adulthood.

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