What is ABA Therapy?

ABA stands for “applied behavior analysis” and it is a proven, effective therapy for children diagnosed an autism-spectrum disorder or with other developmental delays. Combining educational, psychological and developmental techniques, it focuses on the individual needs of each child.

If your child can benefit from Pediatric Therapy Clinic’s ABA therapy program, he or she will be matched with a specialist who works with them to maximize their abilities. Often, this means they are with their ABA therapist up to 8 hours a day at home, in our clinic or out in the community. If allowed by your child’s school, the therapist can also accompany your child into the classroom to assist him or her academically.

ABA therapy can help your child:

  • improve communication abilities
  • interact more positively with other children, friends and family
  • gain personal care skills, such as dressing or bathing
  • develop better fine motor skills
  • overcome feeding problems

This intensive therapy has also helped families whose autistic child displays aggressive behaviors, throw tantrums or injure themselves or others.

How Does ABA Therapy Work?

Applied behavior analysis encompasses different techniques that help your child meet certain goals. Depending on your child’s needs, his or her therapist may start helping them to learn simple tasks or skills, building up to skills that are more complex. Therapists use praise or feedback to encourage your child and shape positive behaviors.

The ABA program at Pediatric Therapy Services integrates multiple types of therapies based on your child’s specific needs. For instance, because many diagnosed with autism or other developmental delays struggle with communication, speech-language therapy is frequently a part of their learning program. Occupational therapy can help with sensory issues, while physical therapy can help to increase strength and mobility.

One of the most important aspects of ABA therapy, however, is ensuring that your child and his or her primary therapist connect well with each other. At Pediatric Therapy Clinic, we make every effort to create a situation where your child will be able to build rapport and trust with the therapist, and that you will be comfortable in working with the therapist as well.

Where Does ABA Therapy Take Place?

Our clinic has been designed to offer a variety of therapies, including ABA. It’s a place that fosters both learning and interactivity for all the kids we work with. Our clinic is only one of the places in which ABA therapy occurs, however. Your child and his or her therapist will also work together at home, at school and in the community to help them achieve greater long-term success.